ARZI ADBI profile picture

Arzi Adbi is a Ph.D. candidate in Strategy at INSEAD. In his research, he studies strategy questions with implications for firms and policy-makers in the context of emerging markets. Seeking to advance understanding of grand challenges at the intersection of business and society, his research projects investigate: How do firm strategies and changes in the business environment (and their interaction) impact the vulnerable individuals, firm performance, and market outcomes? While his research draws from diverse theoretical perspectives applicable to management discipline, his work is primarily empirical with a focus toward causal identification of the relationship under investigation and is supplemented by qualitative interviews at the field with relevant stakeholders and natural-language processing techniques (when applicable). 

Dissertation Committee: Jasjit Singh (Chair); Matthew Lee; Maria Guadalupe; Phanish Puranam

Research Interests: Social Impact; Sustainability; Inclusive Business Models; Emerging Markets

Sector Interests: Financial Inclusion; Healthcare


2015-20XX: PhD in Management, INSEAD, Singapore and France

2006-2008: MBA, IIM Calcutta, India

2000-2004: Bachelor of Technology, IIT Roorkee, India

Industry Experience

2010-2015: Lanco International, Singapore (General Manager, International Business)

2008-2010: Goldman Sachs, London, England (Trader, Emerging Markets Currency Options)

2004-2005: Schlumberger, USA and India (Junior Field Engineer, Wireline Logging Operations)